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Every purchase of Flint River Ranch products made by our customers will benefit American Brittany Rescue, a nationwide rescue organization dedicated to caring for unwanted brittanys and finding them new homes.

Please Note: This website is not the official website of the Flint River Ranch Company. This site is owned and operated by FRR Independent Distributors ID#DZQ4 and 101013603. Any pricing and policies, including discounts, claims and contributions to American Brittany Rescue, may not necessarily be those of the Flint River Ranch Company and are supported by the distributor who owns and operates this site. If you are already a customer of Flint River Ranch and this is not your original distributor or their website, you should contact your original distributor or Flint River Ranch company at (800) 354-6858 to place your order.

Flint River Ranch food for dogs and cats provides a healthy, natural alternative for people who wish to feed their canine and feline companions a food that is prepared from human quality ingredients.  It contains no synthetic preservatives or nutritionally inferior by-products and can help your pets maintain optimum health .

All -Natural Oven-Baked Kibble for Maximum Digestability
100% Human Grade Ingredients
Concentrated Formula - Feed 25% Less than Other Brands
No By-Products or Fillers
No Chemical Preservatives, Artificial Colors, or Flavors
FREE Delivery by UPS (continental US only)
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Return within 30 days for Refund
Distributorships Available - Excellent Home Business Opportunity


Flint River Ranch is naturally preserved with Vitamins E and C and contains only USDA-approved ingredients.  Many pet foods use chemical preservatives and low quality fillers that may be associated with dry skin, allergic reactions, dental disease, poor health and degenerative organ dysfunction.  

Greg Knappenberger - FRR Independent Distributor #101013603
Phone: 301-363-3689 * Frederick, MD

Home | Canine Products | Feline Products | Ordering FAQ | Online Store
About Us | Distributorships | Links | Dog Nutrition | Contact Us